Testimonials & Demonstrations

Here you’ll find a few live demonstrations and written testimonials from people who wanted to contribute their experiences:

[Please note that most videos are in portuguese but translations will be available soon; texts below are in English]

Separador Floral Transparente

Old problems, new therapies.

“For long science has, in its various forms, defended the existence of energy. We deal with energy daily, a simple example is the reaction we call “instinct”, when we meet someone whose presence causes us discomfort. It is energy, we feel it and it is manifested. We feel it even if, in most of us, it is only as an “impression” of the presence of the other, and we go on with our “daily priorities” (let’s call them that) because we all have someone to care for, a work to attend to, and an infinity number of tasks that take over us and devastate us. I am no exception. I was an extremely active person, who took care of all of my tasks (I thought) until the day I could not do it anymore, and was diagnosed with a burnout.

There are no words to describe the physical and emotional pains of such malaise. I have, as we all do, gone through the list of conventional medicines, I have considered Chinese as well as other known therapeutic forms. The truth is that nothing was enough or made me able again.

I read what Dr. Helder wrote about his energetic and therapeutic approach. I decided (after a long period of thought, I confess) to experiment it.

I can say that in the first session my life literally changed. I began to feel the world, the connection with others, my own energy in a very different way. The problems that over the years accumulated and led me to almost total wear and tear were gradually disappearing. Looking back, bioenergetic therapy gave me the health and well-being that we all aspire to, in a very short period of time.

After seeing the effects on me, I can not help but recommend this kind of innovative approach that operates true changes (which some may call “miracles”). They are inner changes, they strengthen our spirit as well as our body, they are real, instantaneous and they do not disappear.

I gained a new strength, courage, and will to live and, as Dr. Helder so often told me in consultation: “you do not have to do anything, not even believe. You just have to let the therapies do their job and see the improvements.” I would not say it better.

To you, who suffers, physically or emotionally, and who is reading my testimony I tell you, do not wait any longer. Schedule a session. You will see that your life will really change for the better, today.”

Separador Floral Transparente

Chronic Depressions

“My daughter has been very ill with chronic depression for 20 years and after two sessions she has already stopped one of the pills, she has had 4 sessions and she is much more energetic and happy, she was always apathetic, she was not living, she survived, she will continue until she is completely free from this blockage. Blessed are those who recommended this therapist to me. Phenomenal.”

Chronic Low Back Pains

“After spending almost 2 years with low back pain, having difficulty putting on socks and shoes, sometimes unable to go to work, taking anti-inflammatory injections from time to time (with all the undesirable side effects we know of …), orthopedic sessions with only passing relief … Everything changed when I went to Helder and in only 2 sessions the problem was 90% resolved. Fantastic. Without drugs and no invasive actions. I feel really good and really rejuvenated of some years!”


“After much hesitation, because I am not very good with words, I decided to describe my experience so that I could elucidate some people who continue to have doubts about the therapy in question. I am 29 years old and I always felt a little alien, not undewrstood, or even strange amongst othe rpeople. But I also always considered myself strong and persistent, I just could not deal with some things that are part of life. Well, I could be here for hours writing my story, but it would be very tiresome for you. In short, when I came to Helder, after a huge change in my life (change of residence, away from the family, uprooted culturally, etc.) I had several fears, and some health problems, that I had already encountered for some years, and for which there was no solution. From a very young age I went from doctor to doctor, various treatments (conventional medicine), many medications, and nothing …. Every year that passed another health problem arised. So, after a few months being treated by Helder, I can say that I am much more prepared to deal with life, the difficulties, and I am much stronger physically and psychologically. No more drugs, no psychologist and psychiatrist, and all my other pathologies have disappeared. So, I recommend it !!! Doubt may initially arise if it works, but what is fact is that over time, we ourselves will recognize the changes that have taken place in us.”

Ear and Head Blockages

“For more than a year I had felt a blockage in my head that mainly affected my hearing. It is easy to imagine my state: it was as if there were water in my ears all the time; that feeling of having water, wanting to shake to release it, but without any result. I went more than a year without clearly hearing, which in the long run was affecting my head and nervous system. I had gone to two appointments at a medical specialist, taken antibiotics and other medication, all without effect. I consulted with Helder, and throughout the consultation I realized that this problem had to do with a personal problem that had been living for more than a year. During the session I released bad energies, hurts and frustrations that tormented me and today, I am practically healed! I intend to make a new appointment, but only one was enough to help me! I could never imagine that blockages in my personal life were blocking my health in this way. Helder came to this conclusion in the very first minutes of the consultation.”

Chronic Sciatica and Grief

“I had a terrible sciatic pain, I was not sleeping at all, and I was having a hard time walking, dragging my leg. It was very annoying. I consulted a doctor, did exams and treatments, went to a physiotherapist, but nothing solved the problem. I consulted Helder, who calmed my concerns regarding the medical examinations because I was very worried, and he told me that he believed that his methods could help me. In the first 2 sessions there was no progress. But then Helder suggested something different: a treatment plan of 4 consecutive daily sessions of bioenergetic healing. I began to feel relief from day to day and at the end the pain disappeared and never returned. It seemed like a miracle.
On another occasion, at the time of my mother’s death – and it is horrible when a loved one dies – I became very dizzy, had difficulty sleeping, and lost weight. Helder was interested in me to overcome the event and it was very good. I was able to take it naturally (I would never think I could do it) and today I know that it was him who prevented me from staying in bed for weeks given the sharp disturbances I felt. I do not doubt that the harmonizations that Helder does are important for strengthening us and for facing life with more balance.”

Chest Pains and Stress

“I had strange prickling/stinging sensations inside my chest. Every time I moved I felt them. I do not know if it was due to nerves but they had been there for a while, pains that appeared and disappeared suddenly. When I went to the consultation with Dr. Helder I told him about it, because that day the stinging was very strong and it afflicted me. I even wondered if it was something malignant. Dr. Helder worked on it for about 15 minutes and from the first few moments I felt relief, but he said he wanted to make sure the pain would not come back and so he did some more “energy corrections” as he said. All I know is that I felt much better when I left the office, and I noticed that I had my energy back, when before I did not feel like doing anything. He told me that the prickling sensation could come back, but that it would never be as strong as before. In fact I still had a few stings here and there a few days later but they eventually disappeared completely and naturally. I strongly advise you to try these therapies!”

Chronic Body Pains, Tendinitis and Head Congestion

“The therapist Helder Pereira solved several health problems of mine. Since I consulted him I feel like someone else at all levels. I always had body aches, especially in my spine, difficulty in lowering myself, etc. All this has gone now. I was struck by a very strong situation for example, an almost continuous pain in my arm. The doctor diagnosed me with a tendonitis, and he said that I had to be operated on the arm because the pain would not go away. I consulted with Helder, who treated in four sessions and the pain disappeared completely! I no longer had to be operated on and I left all medication!
Besides me, I also asked him to treat a complicated situation for my son. He was operated at 3 years old, and then later at 9, on his ears, nose and tonsils. After the operations he suffered to the point where the ears seemed to pop regularly, busting out. Dr. Helder, when he saw him, said imediately that it was an energetic problem, he treated him with his methods, and from then on he began to feel better, much more relieved of the pain, and without the crises he once had.”

Repetitive Strain Injury on an Arm (Videocall Session from Abroad)

“Actually, the pain in my right arm (at the elbow) to the shoulder, which looked like a repetitive strain injury problem, aliviated considerably after the session. I remember feeling relief from that constant everyday pain. After a few weeks, I felt the pain in my arm again, but with less intensity, and with the passage of time it disappeared too and did not return. “

“Much Lighter”

“…I just want to tell you that I’m very well! No pain, lighter, I move much better…it’s as if I were out of a straight jacket…As if an armor left my body!!”


“I feel like I’m 18 years old again… before I had to be in bed at ten at the latest, and I was always tired, but now I can go out at night, go dancing, and get up the next day at 8 in the morning to go to work and I’m ok! I just wish I had known this sooner… “

Touch Trauma

“Since I was little it bothered me that people touched me. In general. When I went to the first appointments with Dr Helder, he used a method (tapping?) which made me nervous. It involved touching with the fingertips in specific areas of the body (between the eyebrows, above the cheeks) but for some reason that I did not understand very well this bothered me. I didn’t know why, but I kept thinking that since I was a little girl, even receiving a caress made me feel uncomfortable. It should be “the same problem.” When Dr Helder realized this “dysfunction,” he treated me with energy therapy for the origins of this problem and it was something I could not believe in. It stopped bothering me to do the tapping! And suddenly it did not bother me also to receive pampering from my boyfriend/relatives. It no longer bothered me to be caressed.
I do not know how to explain very well what happens in the consultation, but I know that when he proposed to “cure me” of this problem in order to use his method of tapping, I told him that I thought it would be impossible, and it was not. Amazing.”

Chronic Pain and Trauma Resolved At A Distance

I learned about the energy therapy by Dr. Helder through fb! I bought and read the book “We are Beings of Light”, I saw the testimonies of some patients of Dr Helder and despite the great distance that I was, I decided to make an appointment.
For a long time I suffered from emotional problems motivated by childhood traumas, I also had pains and stiffness in the joints that limited me in my daily life. In addition, due to surgery that did not go well, could not move an arm, was very limited in movements and muscles atrophied as a result. Conventional medicine could not handle this problem and in fact I did not know who to turn to to improve and have a better quality of life.
I got a Skype consultation with Dr Helder and in the first session I felt better in the pains and stiffness that had been with me for a long time. After some (few) sessions, I can say that I am practically well of the physical and emotional pains that have accompanied me for many years.
Thank you so much Dr Helder!
Without a doubt, this science-based therapy is miraculous!
Dr Helder is an extraordinary human being, he cares and strives to heal us!
The pains that plague us, disappear with the energy treatments performed by Dr Helder, even at a great distance.
I recommend 100% for all those who have physical and emotional pain!
Well wishes to you Dr Helder!

Wrist/Hand Pain and Family Issues

“A few years ago there was a first surge of pain in the hand and right wrist. Hospital urgency and diagnosis: “there is nothing wrong”. This “nothing wrong” stayed with me and for some years now it showed itself as pain in the wrist and then in the right shoulder, sometimes as a disconcerting sensation telling me that something was happening, having several times to take anti-inflammatory medication. I used homeopathy here, massages there, which could help sometimes but not solve it. In the single session with Helder, the pain disappeared and did not come back, and many months have passed. In the same session, I had a deep understanding of the family issue involved, which, for me, was the basis for being able, today, to use my right hand without pain. Thank you, Helder! “

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