Science And BITs

I am truly fascinated mostly by what the hyper-effective therapeutic methods I use (that I call BITs, or Bioenergetic and Informational Therapies) mean to our understanding of our nature and of the nature of the Universe or reality. Don’t get me wrong: I love alliviating people’s suffering and seeing them free of their (often prolonged) suffering – especially in such a seeming “miraculous” or “magical” way – but what really drives me and fascinates me is what these methods demonstrate and prove about what we are really made of and how we truly function inside, and about what suffering really is, where it originates, and how to erradicate it effectively. And to see that Science is precisely arriving at an incredibly similar view of reality as my methods demonstrate to me everyday for years now is truly astonishing and exciting to me!

So, in this page I want to share some of the most recent scientific breakthroughs in fields such as Cognitive Sciences, Neurology, Physics (and Quantum Physics), Behavioural Scienes, Medical Sciences and others, and explore them in relation to the phenomena me and my clients experience everyday with BITs. As “strange” and “fantastic” as these phenomena may appear, Science, in its most advanced and fronteir line, is unveiling an incredibly similar framework of reality as I find everyday. It really appears we are in the cusp of a big paradigm shift in terms of what really goes on behind the veil of reality.

So, let’s start.

[Note that most of the examples in this page are additions to the many scientific evidences that I have already included in my book. Please see my book Pain Gone In Seconds for more.]

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