Bibliography of ‘Pain Gone In Seconds’

Here you will find bibliographical references – books, videos and Internet articles – mentioned in the book Pain Gone In Seconds – The Science Of Energy Healing And The End Of Human Suffering. Entries are sorted by alphabetical order of the last name of the first author or, when there isn’t an obvious author (as in some articles and videos on the Internet), entries are sorted by the title of the article or source, as referenced in the text and in the Notes at the end of the book.

II. All Other References

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«Delayed choice quantum eraser». Wikipedia article:

«Demonstration of eletrical connections between people and Nature». Online video:

«Demonstrations of Mental Focus Healing by Faith Healers». A few examples. Online videos. Also more videos from these healers (and others) on their websites or channels:

«Beginners Healing for the First Time In Jesus Name!!! – Tom Loud»

«Dorthie get up and walk WOW!»

«Demonstrations of Mental Focus Healing Methods on the Internet». Online videos (more videos from these practitioners on their websites or channels if interested):

«Dr Kam Yuen in the LA Dodgers Clubhouse with Maury Wills»


«Healer or Hoax? | Charlie Goldsmith put to the test | Sunday Night»

«Facebook Live Healing. [Charlie Goldsmith]»

«17. How Fatigue & Muscle Pain is Relieved? (Energy Medicine, Yuen Method, Hypnosis, NLP)»

«18. How Sciatic Back Pain is Relieved? (Energy Medicine, Yuen Method, Hypnosis, NLP)»

«This lady is in for a surprise…»

«Instantly Healing Woman’s Neck-Pain (using Energy!)»

«Yuen Method Energy Healer»

«Shoulder Pain | Yuen Method with Sharon Fan»

«”A Session in the Park” with Richard Gordon. Watch in HD!»

«Quantum Entrainment Demonstration»

«Yuen method geometry strengthening.»

«Instant healing by the highway near Tibet China to relieve 1 yo heel pain due to surgery»

«instant healer [YouTube Channel]»

«Shaolin Chi Healing crazy»

«Adam The Dream Healer»

«Demonstrations of Shorinji Kempo and Vital Points». Online videos demonstrating the power of assessing certain vital points in the human body:

«Stage de points vitaux Shorinji Kempo Partie 2»

«Stage de points vitaux ( Kyusho ) de Shorinji Kempo Partie 1»

«Derren Brown Interview». Online article:

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«Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment». Online video:

«Duality principle is “safe and sound”: Researchers clear up violation of wave-particle duality». Online article from the University of Rochester (2014):

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«Magnets Keep Blood Flowing». Article in Science Journal (2011):

«Man moves his robotic arms with his MIND: Groundbreaking brain-controlled prosthetic attaches to implant in patient’s bone». Daily Mail article online:

«Manipulation of the human ‘aura’». Compilation of demonstrative videos on the Internet»:

«Psychokinesis at WMS»

«Healing With Your Hands – Psychokinesis Bioenergy»

«Bioenergija 2»

«Bio-Energy Healing»


«Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner Insights with Michael D’Alton!»

«Bio-Energy Healing as seen on Oprah Network (Eczema)»

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«Nature’s cheats – how animals and plants trick and deceive». Online article:

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«NLP Collapse Anchors»

«Collapsing Anchors»

«Never-ending Nightmare Delight Tunnel of Death». Online video:

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«Selection of videos of masters of bioenergetic manipulation». Compilation of Internet videos:

«REAL PROOF of psychic energy (Amazing footage) !!! – TV documentary»

«Electric Eel Man» [other footage with the same man as above]

«Qigong master projecting his chi energy»

«The Wondrous World of Chi Power»

«Extreme Qigong Kung Fu Martial Arts Competition China»

«Shaolin Super Humans»

«Qigong master projecting his chi energy – part 2»

«Shaolin Chi Healing Crazy»

«Fight Science – Qi Gong Tested»

«A Qigong Master’s” Demonstration Of Power “»

«Energie Bubble Demonstratiom»

«That’s Incredible – Master Zhou»

«Master Zhou Ting Jue” Superhuman “Stan Lee»

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