The Space Rocket of Health

Recently, a patient of mine, after experiencing the incredible relief from his terrible and “disabiling” chronic pains on his back, that he continued to have even after YEARS of various therapies and fruitless treatments (a common occurrence in my office) said: “well, we know more Mars than these therapies!”. He is right. Billions are spent anually sending rockets into space, and billions in investigations of this or that, but of this real revolution in human therapeutics no one speaks of: of the ability to solve physical and emotional problems in humans in a much faster and more efficient way than we currently know.

It is a shame. The society that will embrace these methods, studying them, developing them and advancing them will be at a great advantage. The world economy loses billions every year because of chronic diseases and various disabilities that are the plague of modern societies. The answer is here: the human system is much more sophisticated than we may think, and it works on the basis of information and energy, like a computer, responding to them very well. So, what people have are life issues that affect their system, not health problems per se. It’s ideas (information). This is demonstrated because, with BITs, and without recourse to anything external, the symptoms disappear naturally, because something inside the patient has changed – there has been a re-configuration of his or her internal information processing. Thus, knowing how to effectively interact with this computer that is the human organism, and helping it to dissolve these life issues (ideas) that are “weighing” on it, everything resolves quickly, naturally, efficiently and long-lastingly: aches and pains disappear for good, and physical, emotional and psychological well-being is installed naturally. This has been my experience – and that of clients – over and over again, for almost 10 years now.

One just needs to learn, practice and apply this new technology, that neither uses equipment, nor medication nor anything else – just a person competent enough to know how to apply it. The future, whether we like it or not, passes through here. I am sure of it.

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Erasing Chronic Pain Over The Telephone

Smartphone, Cellphone, Touchscreen, Mobile, TechnologyI have a client who lives in France. He suffers from chronic pain and doctors told him that he had an “incurable chronic disease”, a condition that only tended to get worse over time, even though he was still very young. It was the nature of the disease, experts said, and this explained the pain he had according to them, which in fact was getting worse as the months and years passed. A disease of the nerves and muscles. The remedy he was given was an injection that he had to take every month to try to slow down the progress of the disease.

Of course, my client was desperate when he came to me, which, knowing what I know about the mind-body relationship, did not help his condition at all, and was probably contributing to making it worse. But luckily I have a very different view of the human body and how it works in its most intimate parts, what causes its symptoms and diseases, and how to resolve these causes. As I do not see a disease as a static and immutable entity, established and subject to a definite label, but as a process that, just as it was established and is ongoing, can be reversed and ended, I manage to solve problems that, according to modern allopathic medicine, are chronic or incurable. I have had several cases like this, which have gone through the best medical specialists for years, only to feel relief with these incredible and non-invasive therapies (see Testimonials for some examples). So, this client of mine now enjoys an almost painless life at the moment – and we have only had 3 consultations to date. Apparently, he told me, since the second appointment, he felt so good that he didn’t even want to take his monthly injection! In fact, he only took it a couple of weeks later than he should have, at the family’s insistence.

Also fantastic is that I am working with him on the phone, and the pain relief and symptom resolution is as effective as if I were in his presence (this therapy works by mental focus, by a type of “wireless connection”, like an universal internet between people). This is something that I have witnessed countless times – as I have had several clients that I treated at a distance and never saw in person – with real “miracle cures” in the relief of the chronic pain they were experiencing. This is fantastic. Even after having done it hundreds or thousands of times, I am still surprised and amazed at the sophistication, advancement and effectiveness of these methods, which are light years ahead of current therapy. In fact, they are so advanced that many people either do not understand them or misinterpret them, creating all kinds of fantastic justifications for them. Or they just ignore them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, just by witnessing what I see every day in my office anyone would be as amazed and surprised as me and my clients. Only seen, experienced and noted we can begin to appreciate and change our views of things, which are very limited and lagging behind in this sense.

Yes, it is possible to solve (and dissolve) chronic pain and diseases termed “incurable” with methods as inconspicuous as mental focus and “biomagnetic massages” – even from a distance. It is necessary to have the art and the science of knowing how to do it, and to understand our human organism in another way, realizing that it really works on the basis of a biological energy (bioelectricity) that runs through it and the it moves, as well as information patterns, memories and ideas that control this energy, which is what feeds and makes the organism tick, whether for well-being or disease. When you realize this, the sky is the limit.

You can learn more about how our organism works in body and mind, and how these fantastic results are possible by checking out the book Pain Gone In Seconds.

Everyday Miracles

Imagine a woman came into your office complaining of pain on her lower back, hip and left thigh (…or on a knee, or on the back, on the neck, head, arm, or tightness on the chest, or suffering from depression, or mourning, or some other trauma, etc., – all cases I get). This lady’s story goes something like this: she has had this pain for some months or years. It started with an occasional backache. Her shoulders and neck also hurt every now and then, but the pain in her back was always worse. Still, 6 months ago, this low back pain got worse, and it started to “spread”: the left hip started to hurt, as well as down her leg, creating pain whenever she was standing or walking. She thus tires very easily, and can’t stand for long, not to mention walking a long distance.

In the past 6 months, in desperation, she has tried everything. She went to the doctor, an osteopath and other specialists. They prescribed exams to the spine. These showed two hernias in the lower back. The pain comes from these issues, was the diagnosis. She took the prescribed medications but the pain did not pass; she did several physical therapy sessions but they did not help; she went for massage and acupuncture but nothing seemed to work. An operation to the spine seemed to be the only option available, one that she would prefer to avoid. And that’s when she, desperate, has heard of me and decides to enter my office, having heard of other “miracles”.

At the start of the session I ask where it hurts, when the problem started, etc. We assessed the intensity and location of the pain: it is there even sitting, but walking hurts more, particularly in the back, and walking or bending over hurts even more (the back and leg in particular). She is 70 years old. “It’s normal as age progresses,” say the specialists, family, and friends. It’s not normal, nor is it due to age, as my experience has clearly demonstrated … but this is a topic for another blog.

Having identified the symptoms and what triggers them, I begin my work. I mentally and energetically focus on the pain with my methods, trying to release all the tensions (nervous or energetic, which is the same) that are causing the chronic contractions of the muscles, which lead to the ever-present pains and distortions. I feel some relief. I continue until I am satisfied that there was indeed considerable relief in the body, and in the areas to be treated. Then I ask her: how do you feel now? Could you get up and see? A typical reaction ensues: “Well, it feels better!” she says, truly astonished. “Is it different?” I ask. “Yes, it no longer hurts so much.” I ask her to test it thoroughly, to walk and to bend over to see. “Yes, that’s better,” “there’s only a little bit left here when I make this particular move.” “Great,” I said, “let’s go on then and get that little bit sorted out as well.”

Not bad for 5-10 minute of energetic work, which didn’t hurt at all! Usually people do not feel these reliefs so quickly and so simply in any other therapy, and certainly not in the first few minutes, and in such a fantastic way – without touch, dialogue or manipulation of any kind. That’s why they are amazed.

I then repeat the same process for the rest of the minor complaints that she still has, always testing throughout the process. At the end of the session she is clearly relieved. “I feel lighter, yes.” Not only did we completely get rid of her back, hip and leg pain, but also her shoulder and neck pain. She feels ok. I ask her to test it thoroughly to be sure. “No, it doesn’t hurt now.” I explain that this result may be permanent, but it may also take a few more sessions to remove any remaining tensions. It’s like tuning an engine: all gears have to be unstuck and aligned, and some may not have completely “snapped into place” yet, and so some remaining pain may still manifest. Only daily life will tell. So I ask her to be back in a few weeks to check how it goes. Usually, in a second session, people are much better of their pains. Some specific pain never came back for example, but there may still be some knots to untie. The depth of the relief achieved at the end of a second session is equivalent to the one achieved in the first, so the problem hurts less and less. The benefits accumulate with each treatment, until there is nothing left. Usually everything is resolved between 1 and 5 sessions, and the relief is permanent – people get better and more robust for life.


This concrete example is typical of the cases I receive, and it looks like a “miracle” or “magic”, especially in the way pain relief was achieved. But it is not. “Miracle” is the name we give to a natural phenomenon for which we simply have no explanation at the time we witness it. Me, by contrast, have an objective, logical and concrete explanation for this, because I have been studying and practicing it for many years, and in a deep way. So I know it is not a miracle – it is having the right knowledge, and knowing how to apply it. It is clearly a science and an art at the same time. Just like an Engineering: if we know how it works, we have reliable and consistent results.

As I said, the case reported above is typical. It is rare for a person not to be relieved. True, I also have cases that do not seem to respond very well to this treatment, but fortunately they are rare – some 10%, I would say, of those who do not show any apparent relief. It is also true that it often takes a few sessions to completely resolve a symptom, or other underlying and previously hidden symptoms may appear in the meantime – so-called “layers”. It is a holistic, deep and thorough treatment that not only treats symptoms but rejuvenates the whole body – like oiling and tuning the organism’s internal motor, as I mentioned.

On the other hand, several complicated cases I dealt with – such as depressions, trauma, chronic or acute pain – were in fact relieved completely in a single session. It has happened several times, and even to me it is still surprising at times how fast and effective these methods can be. What seems to escape people is that this is a specific and concrete process, and that the results do not come about “miraculously”, but rather by definite, consistent, replicable and predictable work, which are qualities of a science and an engineering. Overall, in a concrete, sequential, cumulative, and secure way, the problem is lastingly resolved – permanently even. The person will never be the same again. In other words, the person has, in some sessions, got rid of a load of stresses and a load that have been accumulating over a lifetime, and so she or he can finally be free and happy again. This is the power of this therapy, and this is what my patients report to me.

Keeping an Open Mind

Why do I describe this? Because it amazes me that we, as a society, do not study these incredible possibilities more than we do. It really amazes me that, over the years, not more people, enthusiastic with these possibilities, came to me wanting to know more, learn, study and spread the word. It is true that I live in a small town, and what most people want is to get well and move forward. Maybe in a big city – or in another country – it would be different. Either way, it seems to me that there is always some fear, ignorance or resistance around these issues, and I don’t quite understand why.

There may be several reasons for this, I believe. Some of this resistance I even can understand. After all, there have always been quacks and people saying they do what they do not do. There always have and always will be.

But: what if someone really does what it seems he or she is doing? What if, instead of clinging to old dogmas (which is easier), we keep an open mind and sincerely try to learn more, and really see whether or not what is really said is true or not? We can – and should – be critical, but at the same time remain open to hitherto “impossible” phenomena, which is much more productive, because only in this way does our society advances. On the other hand, I see a lot of formed opinions and easy judgments, and little openness to really learn new things.

In my case, it was precisely through this openness – while maintaining a critical, scientific and objective analysis – that I came to this level of understanding and practical application, and I know that anyone sincerely engaged in learning will do the same (I dream of a world where there are skilled Bioenergetic and Informational Therapists in every corner and in every family!). These are natural, universal processes that are part of human nature – so why cover the sunlight with a sieve? Even more because these are so useful for people’s lives… Can you imagine how many lives these therapies have changed already? Hundreds! Sometimes I meet patients I haven’t seen in years who are always happy to see me, telling me, delighted, how their lives have changed completely since our work together. They are completely different! And everything has changed for the better in their lives too! And often it was just one session or two! (intense but good ones :)). Just today I got a call like this.

Perception Filters

Humans have certain thinking biases (or automatic unconscious filters) that make them ignore certain information automatically. This is studied. For example, there is a natural so-called Confirmation Bias in humans, where we normally and compulsively close ourselves to any information that contradicts our deepest and most unconscious beliefs. Try telling a staunch fan of a soccer team, for example, that their rival is better! The reaction you will see is the Confirmation Bias in action. We all suffer from this to varying degrees, there is no exception.

Besides that, all knowledge that passes beyond our radar of perception and understanding is simply ignored or scorned by our mind, leading to an “oh, that’s nonsense! I don’t believe in those things”. It is information that simply is not assimilated by our brain, which it cannot discern because it rests completely outside its standards and frames of reference. It does not fit. These are ingrained and automatic mechanisms of the human mind, and it takes a degree of “thinking outside the box” to really see them.

Certain cultural trends also do not help, as they encourage distrust and fear. There were centuries of misinformation, oppression and fear. As I usually say, in many ways we still live with a mentality of the middle ages. The human mind has not changed that much in some respects. I must have come from another galaxy, or maybe from the future! 🙂 This is because when I saw someone demonstrate these same fantastic methods of relief from suffering, I did not reject them at face value, but wanted to know more, much more, so I studied, practiced and learned. And I found that I could also perform the same “miracles.” What else is there hidden in the possibilities of the universe?

Hidden Talents

Have you tried this already? What hidden talents may you have that you do not know? You will only know if you try, won’t you? My “madness” lies perhaps in trying what nobody believed was possible, and finding out that it really was. Something in me said there was something real about it, and I wanted to try to see if it was true. How many surprises then does your own heart knows within yourself that are waiting for you, and do you not know your deepest gifts and skills simply because you are afraid to try?

It reminds me of a television ad I saw many years ago: a group of friends were playing darts in a bar. One of them shoots with such precision that the dart dropped incredibly close to the center of the target. Only a miracle could bring the next dart closer. So, his opponent shrugs his shoulders and seems to give up, desolate, and everyone hugged the winner and headed away toward the bar. The discouraged rival still throws his last dart, in any case. Amazingly the miracle really does happen – it lands right in the center of the target! Incredulous and happy, he looks around to see the reaction of the people, but no one was watching anymore, as everyone followed the winner to the bar, cheering. The final motto of this ad (for a beer, I think!) was something like this: true miracles do happen, but they go unnoticed, or few realize them.

But believe me, apparent “miracles” (i.e. new and unfathomable possibilities) exist and are possible, and they are happening all the time. We just don’t give them the proper attention. However, it is by dreaming and experiencing something never before experienced that the world advances. In particular, and in my area of expertise, there is an impressive technology for relieving physical, emotional and psychological symptoms quickly and effectively. After all, we are already in the 21st Century: if everything has advanced so much in so many ways, why is it not the same with the relief of pain and suffering?

In fact, these possibilities are not mystical and mysterious “miracles” – they are natural phenomena that are just waiting to be discovered, just as cell phone communication, television, airplanes and the like were just waiting to be discovered. More and better is indeed possible, and I’ve proved it hundreds, if not thousands of times. It is here for those who want to observe and learn. It is nothing dark or mysterious; it just needs to be understood. I explain it all as best I can in my book to anyone who wants to hear. Not only do I explain how this “Bioenergy and Information Healing business” works, but also explain the internal mechanisms that actually lead us to suffering (hint: it is not what we think it is) – to help us really stop suffering quickly, naturally and effectively. It’s just a different culture.

The Purr Of A Cat…

And people still argue whether we are bioenergetic beings…

Who has never had a cat purring and falling gently asleep on one’s lap and has not felt relaxed at the same time? Or a baby falling asleep on one’s lap and feeling the same relaxation? It is palpable…

Or when we travel in a car or bus and the sweet “rocking” of the car calms us and makes us sleep. These are all oscillations that relax us, because our whole body (and mind) vibrates, they are energetic.

Or music, dancing, running, a hug …

It is with this same vibration, and vibrational communication, that Bioenergetic and Informational Therapies work, whether by touchless resonance, or gentle rhythmic touch. And the results, apart from a deep and restoring relaxation, are fantastic, as one can witness.

The Worry Trick

In this blog, I not only want to share information on interpersonal methods of healing with energy and bio-information, but also on effective non-invasive self-help methods for our minds and bodies. So, I would like to recommend a book for anyone interested in dealing with anxiety, from mild to severe.

I think “The Worry Trick”, by Dr. David Carbonell, is probably the best book I’ve encountered on negative thinking, stress and chronic anxiety. Not only does it explain how worry works and comes about, but it especially gives much practical advice on how to deal with chronic worry in a way that – finally – yields results. And this approach has escaped most of us until now because, as the author explains, it is a counter-intuitive problem. With worry, often the more we try, the worst it gets. We need to understadn it well to deal with it effectively. I think this book presents a breakthrough insight, and is a giant step forward in effectively managing our minds.

Among many other things, the author explains how, since worry is a counter-intuitive problem, it requires counter-intuitive solutions. Worry derives from the activation of our internal, and primary, threat or alarm systems in the brain. As this system perceives threats (real or imagined – and worry and anxiety are imagined threats), it tenses up as it prepares to address the threat, either by fighting, fleeing, or freezing. Any one of these responses constitutes stress and tension that, when sustained, leads to a pretty miserable existence, debilitating us physically and mentally. So, the intuitive response – that our whole body and mind is screaming for us to do – would be to fight the threat, to take the thoughts seriously, or to try to run away from them. All of this just adds more tension and thus compunds the problem, as I am sure most people dealing with anxiety have experienced!

What is the solution then? To do the opposite of what our instincts are telling us. To put out the “fire” of this alarm response we must neither fight it, nor run way or freeze in response to it (this just adds more fuel to the fire); we actually should move calmly towards it and accept it: “Yes, you are going to have a horrible day…”, “yes, you are going to sleep badly tonight again…”, “yes, you are going to lose your job…” are just some examples. Incredibly, this approach eases the anxiety remarkably well. Who would think of trying such approach?! So I say – thank you Dr. Carbonell!

I call the work I do with Bioenergetic and Mental Healing “Bioenergetic and Informational Therapy”, and the informational part relates to the observation that we human beings respond termendously well to pure information. Most of my work revolves around neutralizing the triggers that create misery and pain in people, and these triggers are inner memories or impressions that make them feel bad.

For example, you may be feeling quite well at any given moment, yet a simple piece of information – e.g. bad news received on the mail, or something someone says – can COMPLETELY change your physiological state (mood) and even steer your life dramatically! I had a patient recently where ONE crucial and unexpected conversation at work so completely dissilusioned her that she entered a very deep depression, had to leave her job, and started living in a state of perpetual inner tension and anxiety, not being able to get that episode out of her mind! – such is the power of the human alarm system and perceived threats.

There is , quite literally, a powerful inner computer inside each one of us that monitors and manages, moment by moment, eveything that is happening inside and all around us, making thousands of computations and decisions every milisecond! This is what runs our bodies and minds, and what determines our reactions to things. I talk about this in my book “Pain Gone In Seconds” in more detail, but for now: wouldn’t it be great to have a clear and working operation manual to this computer and vehicle that is our automated body and mind?

Well, I think what Dr. Carbonell describes in his book is a vital part of this operation manual: an effective self-help approach to deal with the alarm system in us, the one responsible for our relationship with fear and threat. I believe this innate system is the main obstacle separating us form a blissful existence (I believe anxiety and chronic stress causes most of our pains and physical dysfuntions, and all of our suffering), so I am very happy to know that we are, as a species, starting to find workable and solid ways to deal with our powerful machines, so we can live a more pleasant existence, free from the shackles of inner suffering. BITs can do this very effectively interpersonally (from one person to the next), and approachs like the ones described in “The Worry Trick” are, for me, the self-help equivalents of this.

Masters of Bioenergetic Manipulation

Is this video real? Do you believe a man could perform such feats as sending electric shocks through his hands, heal somebody with this electricity, or even set paper on fire with this same power?
And is this something that is only for the “gifted”, or can all of us perform similar feats and have the same energy?
As we will continually find out through these posts, man has an electromagnetic nature that can easily be demonstrated, and he or she can direct this energy to move in certain directions, with power. It is actually something that is both simple and complicated, but that it can definitely be explained in terms that we can all understand, as we will find out repeatedly through these posts.
It is also something not only for some “chosen ones” – we all can learn how to do this, with more or less effort. This man has spent 18 years learning how to do this, and still meditates daily to keep it going strong. The first and main obstacle for the realization of our innate power is to dismiss it, to decide that it does not exist. I, as many others, demonstrate the principles of bioenergy and mental connection everyday, in amazing and real ways that most people would not believe, yet the recipients can not deny. What do we do with this? That is the question.
Indeed, the Western World is very unripe and skeptical regarding these themes of bioenergy – something that is known and has been mastered in many ways in the East. Yet, I believe we are ready to start looking at it in better ways, and to harness the power behind our own bodies and minds in ways that could heal people, and the planet.
You can learn more about Bioenergy Healing and how all of this is possible in my forthcoming book.

Distant Mental Healing

Is it possible to influence another person – affecting their physiology for example – at a distance with mental intention? Is there scientific studies done on this?
Yes, fortunately there are. For example, the work of Dr. William Braud and colleagues is particularly thorough in this area. They have demonstrated, over decades of serious research, that people can influence, at a distance and remotely, another person’s physiology (amongst other biological and non-biological systems), affecting it in the direction of the desired intention (e.g. to calm or arouse them for example). These studies had been well controlled to exclude any other possibility for the found results, such as placebo effects or non-verbal communications.
For people like me, who ROUTINELY affect another person’s physiology to relieve their stress, chronic tensions, bodily pains or emotional turmoils with focused intent, this is not news. However, it is good to know that THERE IS sound scientiifc studies and evidence to back this up, and I am sorry this is not more popularly known, nor more widely studied. Why? Because these non-invasive methods, besides being extremely effective, are safe and natural, providing deep and long-lasting relief and resolution where other methods often fail. Yet, we are slow to catch up, probably afraid of their “mystery”. This does not need to be so however, and I hope I can dispel most of the wrong mysticism around these topics in this page.
Yes, we can and do communicate energetically all the time, we probably are just not aware of it, nor know how to use it deliberately for good effect – like relieving another human being’s pain.
Want to know more? – then check the book “Pain Gone In Seconds – The Science of Energy Healing And The End of Suman Suffering”, and keep watching this space to keep learning.