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Telepathy Is Well Established by Science – So Why Don’t We Recognize Or Discuss It?

Yes, it’s true: Telepathy – or Mental Influence at a Distance – Has Been Well Established by Science. Just because it isn’t talked about or seen in the news or newspapers doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

There are certain topics that are still “taboo”, and that make most people frown, despite being well established by Science as real phenomena, and having nothing of negative in themselves. Why this dissaproval then? Mysteries of Life I guess! (Or old conditionings, from “witch hunts of old”, etc… Anyway…)

For those of us who want to understand how robust the Science is that shows that there is indeed a type of measurable communication and influence at a distance between people, I suggest the two books that follow, which expose the subject in a clear and concrete way, and therefore are fascinating. In particular the first (Entangled Minds, by Dean Radin), which is the most recent and most complete in its scope and explanation, is probably the one most average readers would enjoy.

It is fascinating to see the amount of Robust Science that exists around these themes, and the decades of interesting experiments that have been and continue to be done, proving, for example, that a human being can influence the physiology of another human being in the direction desired (like relaxation or excitment), when positioned at great distances and completely isolated from eachother. This is exactly what the BIT therapy does: it picked up these same scientifically proven principles, refined, improved and finetuned them, and this is how it can achieve the apparent “miracles” and “cures” and recoveries of mind, body and emotions in a systematic and consistent way, not jus “by chance”.

Once again: these are not “miracles”, they are properly applied Science. Too bad the vast majority of the world remains blindfolded to this tremendous technology, which is hyper-useful, practical, beneficial, as well as demonstrative that, in fact, in a very profound way, we are all interconnected – and that’s a good thing. We are all part, like “independent” neurons, of a great quantum brain, perfectly interconnected. (After all, how do, say, individual ants, termites or bees know what to do to build their intricate structures that clearly surpass the individual? Each individual is connected to a “common brain”, which is what actually coordinates and interconnects each part.) With human beings the same is true – we are all connected whether we are aware of it or not.

Entangled Distant Mental Influence: Its Contributions to Science, Healing, and Human Interactions (Studies in Consciousness): 9781571743541: Braud, William, Dossey MD, Larry: Books








Here are the covers of the two books, which I highly recommend (especially the first one, for an average reader, as it is more accessible, while the second is a little more “technical” and scientific). The first is called Entangled Minds, written by Dr. Dean Radin, a renowned researcher in this branch of Parapsychology, and the second is called Distant Mental Influence, by Dr. William Braud, who has done decades of experiments in this area, with great success.

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