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How An Eczema Is Erased And What It Teaches Us About The Mind-Body Relationship

As I mentioned in my last post, I would like to write more about my experience with the BIT therapies, what they can do, and how much they can teach us about how we human being work on a deep level, about the origin of our physical and psychological symptoms and suffering. The case I will report today is a good example of how physical symptoms originate from problems in the nervous system, which in turn is affected by emotional and life problems – everyday stresses and/or past traumas. Despite talking about specific real cases, I try to preserve the anonymity of the people involved, so some details may have been changed for this purpose.

Let’s start with some images. The following photos document the evolution of an eczema on the palms of a patient in consecutive therapy sessions:

  • 1a Sessão

As you can see, the evolution is clear: as the sessions progressed, the eczema became less and less evident, until the hands were practically clean after a certain point. This is confirmed by the patient’s personal report at each session: in fact she felt less and less eczema symptoms on her skin – less inflammation, less itching and less skin rash (the skin was “smoother”), and the associated symptoms also improved. She felt really different, and she didn’t even have to have the skin care she used to have, like moisturizing them every so often, etc. But that wasn’t even the most important thing… what really matters is to produce happier people.

Treating what matters – the Inner Self

How was all this possible? With skin creams? Medication? Lifestyle changes to prevent skin inflammation? No – all this the patient had already tried for many years. In fact, before trying the BIT therapy, she had been followed by dermatologists for several years, applying steroids (I think) and other medication to try to reduce inflammation and to control the symptoms, without satisfactory results. Until the doctors themselves advised her to seek psychological help, as they realized it would be something originating in the nervous system as well. That’s how she decided to try something different—and scheduled an appointment with me.

In addition to complaining about these bothersome symptoms on her skin (the eczema), which didn’t even let her sleep well due to the itching and pain she felt with just brushing the skin (and this eczema also caused other complaints such as stomach issues, etc.), my patient, naturally, also suffered from a virtually constant background anxiety, and emotional instability, particularly around certain issues in her life, which clearly troubled her.

This is what we focused on in each session – not the hand symptoms directly. The hand symptoms – inflammation, burning, pain, itching, discomfort while touching, etc. – were just used as immediate feedback mechanisms, so we could see what was happening through the treatment we were doing to her nervous system in real time, in each session.

Thus, it was intersting to witness, right from the first session, the following: as we calmed the nervous system down from this “internal acceleration” in which she lived, the symptoms in the hands also immediately diminished, during the same session! This was typical durign the first sessions: we would start with a burning and itchy sensation on her hands of 9 on a scale of 0 to 10, and we ended up with a 1 or zero for example, even when rubbing!

What the Nervous System has to do with any of this

This connection between the de-inflammation of her nervous system, and the reduction of her symptoms, seems to be obvious – and should be the ABC of Human Therapeutics, so to speak – but we do not live, in fact, as if it were that obvious or true. It is, in fact, the disturbances in the nervous, emotional and psychic systems of man, caused by emotional and life problems, the true cause of virtually all the symptoms we feel on an organic level as well. For all intents and purposes, we live as if mind, emotions and life problems have nothing to do with physical problems. But they do, and a lot, as me and my clients witness daily in my office.

It all starts with the assumption that a physical problem is a physical problem, with physical causes, and it is thus the physical problem that has to be addressed. This patient, for example, was prescribed drugs and other types of approaches for years to try to deal with her skin symptoms, before being offered – at the limit – a way to deal with the emotional and life problems that could be behind her symptoms. I think this is because our experience is that it is not at all easy to change ourselves — or another person – in a permanent and effective way in regards to our reactions to life’s problems, it is not easy to “calm our nerves” so to speak, to really change our lives and our reactions to life. This seems like an impossible task, and that’s why we don’t usually see great relief of physical problems, even if we try to “live more calmly”, or “change”. It is in this, I confess, that BITs are unique and exceptional; they achieve what really seems impossible – to relieve and resolve, in a straightforward and efficient way, the emotional and nervous (or “life”) problems of a person, which are the real causes for their symptoms, something that almost no other therapy can do – at least not as effectively.

So, I am still often amazed at the lack of knowledge around these topics, as we continue to think that “physical problems are physical problems”, and “mental problems are mental problems”, without ever – or very rarely – connecting the two (perhaps because it is very difficult to treat mental and emotional disorders effectively). How many times do I get clients complaining of stomach pain, or bowel discomfort, or arm pain, etc. and saying things like “ah, but this is genetic, my mother already had it”, or “this arm pain is old, it is there because I carry a lot of weights with this arm daily”, or “it is my age – it is supposed to happen”, or other such excuses, as if to say: “this has no cure, it’s something physical”. So it is no wonder they are amazed when, once again, that same pain also disappears with this therapy as well, proving, once again, that it is by working with what I call The Energetic System (which is the same as The Nervous System in essence – know more about this through teh book Pain Gone In Seconds), that relief from virtually any symptom is achieved.

“We don’t have health problems – we have life problems!”

But let us return for a moment to the case of this patient of mine. As I said, she suffered from life problems that were perturbing her. It is curious to note for example that, indeed, her skin condition had inflamed much more in the last few years, precisely when her life problems also worsened. This is the kind of “coincidences” I see every day in my office: “I was fine until I started having these problems at work”, or “I didn’t have stomach aches before this happened to me”, etc., etc. . It’s no accident: life problem leads to more nerves, which leads to more internal emotional instability, which leads to greater organic reactivity as well. When, on the other hand, all this “inflammation” of the nervous system is calmed down and rebalanced – when internal “emotional homeostasis” is restored so to speak – then the whole body tends to return to a state of balance and harmony naturally, and the symptoms disappear on their own. This is what BITs do. This is “the miracle” and “the revolution”. It is nothing new, yet it’s gigantic news.

How chronic emotional problems can be treated

This was not an “easy” case. This is because the internal problems – my client’s emotional instability – was very acute. It was strong. In practically all of the first sessions she cried. The “fight” with the torment she carried inside was great for a while. It was difficult to get to a platform – on which she is now – that is more stable, where she clearly feels better in her day-to-day, calmer, more serene and confident, and much less reactive. But this was built, patiently and systematically, in each session, relieving her a little more each time of the immense weight that she carried inside. Each case is different. Each person has their own “bag of weights” that they carry around and have been accumulating for a lifetime, and which we systematically and cumulatively pour out in each session.

As is typical in BIT consultations, from the first session and in each session with this patient, the results were obvious: no matter how stressed, tense and disturbed she came, or how perturbed she became when we “touched” the issues that disturbed her, she always came out of the session calmer, serene and relieved of the symptoms she had (from the eczema and from others that she had on different sessions, such as muscle pain, chest pain, etc.), as well as psychologically in relation to the issues that tormented her in the beginning. So I knew that everything would work itself out, because it is no accident that she felt better at the end of the session – several “inner buttons of alarm” had been turned off – and this goes with the person into their daily life. A des-inflamation had taken place.

Looking Ahead

Virtually all symptoms that we suffer from are caused by chronic tensions in the organism, which is precisely why they are relieved in each BIT session with patients – because this therapy actually achieves what seems “impossible”: the rapid, systematic, deep, efficient and permanent relief of these inner nervous tensions, and almost always without even touching the patient. It’s an absolutely formidable thing.

I could relate many more interesting and significant aspects of this case and our sessions together, but this suffices. A case report is just a pretext to teach a little more about what BITs are, and how they work, and the formidable potentialities it opens up for us, plus all we can learn from it about our deepest nature, for our personal and social benefit. In this way, I hope to continue to contribute to the awakening of mentalities and the opening of horizons, as this would be very good for all of us.



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