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A gentleman came for a second appointment with me today, 15 days after the first one. With only this one session he went back to sleeping better again (after months of difficult sleep), he lost the need to wear the oxygen mask that the doctor had prescribed him, he didn’t have those attacks of shortness of breath he had had, and he feels emotionally and mentally much calmer and much less nervous (his mind is brooding much less) and, as a bonus, he was even relieved of a pain in his lower back he had suffered with for about 16 years! All this in our first session together. And, on top of that, he was skeptical when he first came, “dragged” by his girlfriend, not believing it would do him any good! What more could one want? 😀

This is not an unique, “exceptional” case. BITs provide this type of relief regularly from the very first session. Of course, each case is different, and although considerable relief is frequent from the very first session, it is often necessary to have a longer treatment for a deep and total transformation. But it is well worth it, as one can see. 😊 This is indeed a different paradigm, light years ahead in fact, and one which could be the future of humanity, if we had an open mind and honesty to study it and to understand it. Will we?

This patient of mine was very nice as he agreed to give me his testimony, recorded in this possible, hurried, conversation, at the end of our session (see the video below, in Portuguese for now only unfortunately:)

But what is really nice is to consistently hear my patients spontaneously report to me the incredible results they feel in each session. “If everyone could see and hear this”, I often think, “everyone would be amazed, and surely this would open their minds and change the world” 🙂 Therefore I reluctantly ask, very occasionally, some patients of mine if they feel comfortable enough to give me their testimony – because I would like people to hear and see what I do. Because I am truly the only common denominator in so many cases, the only one who witnesses the coming and going of so many people, one after the other, with surprising and consistent results, and seeing what these unique and innovative methods achieve, in real time, in each session, showing that this is indeed a Science, and an Engineering.

Maybe one day someone will be interested and will study and document these methods with the determination and depth that they deserves. They have changed so many lives, in so many positive ways, which pleases me very much. And they can change many more. The Future is here, I have no doubts about it. So I will try to explain, in the best way I can, more of how this works, and report more interesting cases, in later articles. Until then! Hugs, Helder.

P.S.: You can also check out my book Pain Gone In Seconds – The Science of Energy Healing and the End of Human Suffering for a deep explanation on how we really work inside, and what we are really made of, and how these wonderful methods work within this new framework.

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