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Where should I start…

This is a little strange: I have so much to say, I like to write and to share, and yet I haven’t really started yet. I seem to be afraid, I run away from it. Why? I’m not sure, but the “program” in my head says something like this: “it’s not worth it, no one will understand”, or “it’ll be even worse to say it”. And so I shut up, out of fear, as usual.

Today I decided to challenge this a bit. You have to start somewhere, it’s better to start here and now. Because I read about how we really are always running away from what causes us pain, from that which is uncomfortable, and so we procrastinate doing what we know in our hearts we want to do “until we are ready,” and we’re never really ready. We learn from an early age (we are even culturally conditioned for this) to avoid pain, discomfort, suffering, when, perhaps, it is through it that we can really advance. Sooner or later we will have to face that giant wall that blocks us, right? It won’t just disappear by ignoring it.

I want to talk to you about my work, my therapies, my experiences and those of my clients and patients. I want to share how fantastic it is, but also how difficult it is sometimes to deal with it. I want to talk about the good and the bad, the wonderful and the transcendent, the scary and the hard. I want to explain my fears and surprises, my frustrations and joys, the wonderful and unpleasant things that exist, perhaps, in any profession, but the particular challenges of this field. Let’s start maybe at the beginning, and right from here the challenge begins: after all, what is it that I do?

I can say very directly and simply that I relieve/heal people’s psychological and physical pain and suffering, quickly, efficiently and lastingly without generally touching them and so, at the very least, in a very different fashion from what is conventionally understood and accepted . Perhaps in a way that might be considered “magical”, “miraculous” or “transcendent” by some, or “bullshit”, a “trick” by others (of course the latter have never experienced this for themselves, nor have they really a desire to want to explore and ask – simply, criticism is easier and you feel like a “big boy”; but this particular subject can be left for another conversation). In the midst of all this I suffer for not feeling understood. For knowing clearly what I’m doing, for understanding in such a deep level that it goes beyond the radar of everyone I know, and yet knowing that it is something so natural and demonstrable that I’ve done it thousands and thousands of times and never failed. What to do with this?

Of course I expected more fascination from people, a wanting to know and learn more, but nevertheless, and unfortunately, what I find all too often is distrust, doubt, fear, and a willingness to ignore, to “put it aside” , of not even wanting to think or talk more about it. This, sincerely, shocked me, because in a society, in a mentality that for me would be evolved, there would be openness and willingness to know more, with an open and generous spirit, of true fascination, with that curiosity that, fortunately, children still conserve, but we adults have unfortunately lost a long time ago, giving way to mistrust and fear. It’s a pity. A big shame.

Yes, I have a lot to share. Deep knowledge. A scientific “magic” that happens every day, session by session, minute by minute of treatment, in each consultation. All of this – or almost everything – is far beyond people’s radar, even those who receive it and are grateful for it. What remains are the results: that pain that disappeared and never came back, the feeling of energy passing and then relief, the headache and heaviness in the heart since that traumatic episode that has now disappeared and never hurt anymore, that discomfort of dealing with this or that situation daily that, since the treatment, has completely disappeared from their lives in the same situation. All of this happened and happens every day, in a “miraculous” or “magical” way, but “sshhhuu…it’s better not to talk about it or they think we’re crazy!” It’s like a treasure, a diamond that no one can see or appreciate even if it’s right in front of their eyes, and thus a huge opportunity for us all to live even better, to be a much happier society is lost. Because this sounds like “magic” or “bullshit” but it’s neither.

I myself, being the deepest of skeptics and rationalists (I am a scientist, after all, by training and personality), I am still often surprised by the evidence of the results and I always put them to the test. But there is no doubt: this is done, and that happens. Wouldn’t it be important to study and better understand something so incredibly wonderful? Something that can really help so many people and improve a society so radically and exponentially? What are we afraid of? Is it because it seems “invisible” (as the internet and radio signals are and we use them), and so let us pretend it doesn’t exist, keep quiet, and see if the thing “goes away” without anyone noticing? Can we be so stubborn and close minded?

Well, I know how it works, and I can explain it. There’s nothing “magical” or mystical or anything like that about it. It can easily be understood, as long as there is an open mind and a willingness to explore for yourself. Anyone truly open-minded and scientific wants to listen? If so, I’m available. I’ve already written a large part of this story in my book Pain Gone In Seconds, for those who want to start learning, and then I can explain more.

Well, for a start this imperfect post is perfect. That’s how you start: by doing it, even if it’s imperfect. Imperfection is an opportunity to be Free also.



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