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The Space Rocket of Health

Recently, a patient of mine, after experiencing the incredible relief from his terrible and “disabiling” chronic pains on his back, that he continued to have even after YEARS of various therapies and fruitless treatments (a common occurrence in my office) said: “well, we know more Mars than these therapies!”. He is right. Billions are spent anually sending rockets into space, and billions in investigations of this or that, but of this real revolution in human therapeutics no one speaks of: of the ability to solve physical and emotional problems in humans in a much faster and more efficient way than we currently know.

It is a shame. The society that will embrace these methods, studying them, developing them and advancing them will be at a great advantage. The world economy loses billions every year because of chronic diseases and various disabilities that are the plague of modern societies. The answer is here: the human system is much more sophisticated than we may think, and it works on the basis of information and energy, like a computer, responding to them very well. So, what people have are life issues that affect their system, not health problems per se. It’s ideas (information). This is demonstrated because, with BITs, and without recourse to anything external, the symptoms disappear naturally, because something inside the patient has changed – there has been a re-configuration of his or her internal information processing. Thus, knowing how to effectively interact with this computer that is the human organism, and helping it to dissolve these life issues (ideas) that are “weighing” on it, everything resolves quickly, naturally, efficiently and long-lastingly: aches and pains disappear for good, and physical, emotional and psychological well-being is installed naturally. This has been my experience – and that of clients – over and over again, for almost 10 years now.

One just needs to learn, practice and apply this new technology, that neither uses equipment, nor medication nor anything else – just a person competent enough to know how to apply it. The future, whether we like it or not, passes through here. I am sure of it.

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