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Masters of Bioenergetic Manipulation

Is this video real? Do you believe a man could perform such feats as sending electric shocks through his hands, heal somebody with this electricity, or even set paper on fire with this same power?
And is this something that is only for the “gifted”, or can all of us perform similar feats and have the same energy?
As we will continually find out through these posts, man has an electromagnetic nature that can easily be demonstrated, and he or she can direct this energy to move in certain directions, with power. It is actually something that is both simple and complicated, but that it can definitely be explained in terms that we can all understand, as we will find out repeatedly through these posts.
It is also something not only for some “chosen ones” – we all can learn how to do this, with more or less effort. This man has spent 18 years learning how to do this, and still meditates daily to keep it going strong. The first and main obstacle for the realization of our innate power is to dismiss it, to decide that it does not exist. I, as many others, demonstrate the principles of bioenergy and mental connection everyday, in amazing and real ways that most people would not believe, yet the recipients can not deny. What do we do with this? That is the question.
Indeed, the Western World is very unripe and skeptical regarding these themes of bioenergy – something that is known and has been mastered in many ways in the East. Yet, I believe we are ready to start looking at it in better ways, and to harness the power behind our own bodies and minds in ways that could heal people, and the planet.
You can learn more about Bioenergy Healing and how all of this is possible in my forthcoming book.

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