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Distant Mental Healing

Is it possible to influence another person – affecting their physiology for example – at a distance with mental intention? Is there scientific studies done on this?
Yes, fortunately there are. For example, the work of Dr. William Braud and colleagues is particularly thorough in this area. They have demonstrated, over decades of serious research, that people can influence, at a distance and remotely, another person’s physiology (amongst other biological and non-biological systems), affecting it in the direction of the desired intention (e.g. to calm or arouse them for example). These studies had been well controlled to exclude any other possibility for the found results, such as placebo effects or non-verbal communications.
For people like me, who ROUTINELY affect another person’s physiology to relieve their stress, chronic tensions, bodily pains or emotional turmoils with focused intent, this is not news. However, it is good to know that THERE IS sound scientiifc studies and evidence to back this up, and I am sorry this is not more popularly known, nor more widely studied. Why? Because these non-invasive methods, besides being extremely effective, are safe and natural, providing deep and long-lasting relief and resolution where other methods often fail. Yet, we are slow to catch up, probably afraid of their “mystery”. This does not need to be so however, and I hope I can dispel most of the wrong mysticism around these topics in this page.
Yes, we can and do communicate energetically all the time, we probably are just not aware of it, nor know how to use it deliberately for good effect – like relieving another human being’s pain.
Want to know more? – then check the book “Pain Gone In Seconds – The Science of Energy Healing And The End of Suman Suffering”, and keep watching this space to keep learning.

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