The Method

With BITs, we achieve consistent resolution or significant relief in symptoms like:
✔ Chronic or acute pains and disconforts of any kind
 Stress, anxiety and nervousness
 Insonia and sleep problems
✔ Post Traumatic Stress (war, family member deaths, etc.)

 Panic attacks, depression and phobias
✔ Childhood trauma / emotional neglect 

✔ Fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, chronic diseases, or other not well understood malaises by conventional medicine
✔ Migraines, headaches and dizziness
✔ Medication dependency (antidepressives, tranquilizers, etc.)
✔ Neurological issues
✔ Interpersonal relationship issues (with spouse, family members, work colleagues and others)
✔ Post-surgery complications / Physical trauma (accidents, etc.)
✔ Digestive (heatburn, reflux,…) and respiratory problems (nervous coughs, asthma, allergies,…), etc.
After a treatment people report feeling:
(reduces inner tension)
✓ “stronger”
(fortifies the nervous system)
✓ “with more energy and mental clarity
(optimizes your mental and psychic performance)
✓ “more creative”
(enhances nervous and blood flow)
(enhances your natural radiance)

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The Methods

The main methods that serve as reference for this work were adapted according to a wide experience with several techniques: they are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Mental Focus Healing, and Bioelectromagnetic Manipulation. In addition, and in a more conventional sense, we apply a unique Coaching/Counseling and Self-Inquiry approach, based on a deep dedicated study of the emotional and psychological causes of suffering.

For us, superficial and superstitious explanations of how these methods work do not satisfy, but we are also not blind to the clear evidence that they indeed work. Thus, through careful study and extensive practice over several years, we have developed an innovative approach that allows us to understand what is going on with the client, and to help him/her overcome his/her challenges in a systematic, effortless and as fast as possible way.

It is not Magic, it’s Science!

The principles used in BIT® have been tested countless times in hundreds of cases (see Testimonials), showing predictable, replicable, and long-lasting results. These are characteristics of a true science. This is not magic or mysticism, but the application of principles based on a bioenergetic and a computer-like (information based) model of the human body and mind. With simple manipulations and the sophisticated use of attention and intent you get truly revolutionary results.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) was developed by Gary Craig synthesizing Eastern energy medicine knowledge with Western psychology, in a new branch that has been called “Energy Psychology”. EFT has been immensely popular since its discovery and has spread rapidly throughout the world, presenting a very high success rate in solving physical and emotional difficulties.

The premise of EFT is that the causes of any symptom can be traced back to the emotions, and that any emotional charge can be quickly neutralized by stimulating certain points in the body that will re-energize the body’s electrical meridians. This reactivation leads to the neutralization of the shock/trauma or emotional load associated with a traumatic event or personal beliefs/ideas. The result is that a traumatic experience ceases to be. EFT has also been very effective in eliminating phobias (fear of heights, for example) or dependencies (tobacco for example), etc. The removal of emotional blocks also normally leads to the disappearance or relief of physical symptoms as well!

Mental Focus Healing

It has long been scientifically known that a person’s intention has measurable physiological effects on another person, and also on animals, cultured cells in the laboratory, or non-living material. Dr. William Braud’s work, for example, is very extensive in this area, demonstrating the measurable effect of distance intention on the physiology and emotional state of another person.

The study and practice of the Yuen Method and other similar methods experimentally showed me that this is a real phenomenon. After many years of practice and countless cases, the results were concrete and objective: it is possible to relieve or completely eliminate physical and/or psychological symptoms without touch or verbalization, quickly and efficiently (see Testimonials). This is because we interact directly with the cause of the problem: the neurology of the person.

These methods are thus a systematic and scientific way of applying the actual neurological resonance that exists between people with consistent results. Drawing on the knowledge of numerous methods, and the scientific knowledge about neurological patterns and energetic interaction between people, I have developed and perfected my own way of applying this non-verbal communication between people quickly and effectively.

The results are there for the taking. People often report a feeling of lightness and well-being, and the natural resolution of the symptoms in their day-to-day life. This whole process happens non-verbally, in a light and simple way for the patient, since it does not require conscious cognition or effort on the part of the patient for a transformation to occur. Dialogue happens with the innate intelligence of the organism, its organized energy, and its neurobiology.

Bioelectromagnetic Manipulation 

Biomagnetism therapy involves the use of hand movements and postures on the patient’s body in order to stimulate and re-harmonize the body’s electrical and magnetic flow for regeneration, healing, and overall well-being. There are two main modalities: the use of hands directly on the body, and the use of hands at a distance from the surface of the body. The two modalities are usually complementary and used alternately during the session. These methods are part of a very old tradition *.

Touch treatments are primarily based on laying of hands in the body (with or without simple massages) to stimulate energy flow in painful/blocked areas of the body, in order to stimulate energy to move and regenerate (it’s a bit like unclogging plumbing!). Treatments at a distance from the skin also work as a kind of “magnetic massage”, in which the hands act as if they were polarized magnets that re-harmonize charges and currents of force in the human magnetic field (which involves and interpenetrates the body), leading to a feeling of expansion and general release of specific symptoms. The method that I use has elements of Reconnection (of Eric Pearl), Reiki, Chinese QiGong Healing, Pranic Healing (as described by Choa Kok Sui and Yogi Ramachakara), the Zdenko Domancic Bio-Energy Healing MEthod (as observed and studied directly with its creator in Slovenia), Jin Shin Jyutsu, Matrix Energetics, among others, but is unique to the BIT® system.

Directed Self-Inquiry & Coaching

Our knowledge of how the human mind works, particularly with regard to the development of physical and emotional problems, allows us to see quite clearly the patterns and mechanisms behind the complaints reported by our patients.

When the above methods, which operate on the basis of the unconscious and subconscious minds, do not achieve the desired results (which is rare), we can resort to techniques where the conscious mind, the more voluntary part of us, comes into play. Thus, through focused and directed conversation, and the right questions, we can generally quite easily identify the internal limiting patterns of thought and action that are perpetuating your symptoms (which often elude you) and, with clarity and objectivity, define the right solutions and the right course of actions. This approach has successfully solved/unblocked several cases that appeared resistant to the above methods.

* for an interesting historic summary and a scientific perspective please see this article.