Relief of Physical and Emotional Pain, Quickly.

<<Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.>>

 Arthur C. Clarke

Do you feel physically in pain? Do you feel down and without the necessary energy to deal with day-to-day problems? This work can quite literally give you back your energy until the pain is gone and you feel full of vitality again! I’ve done this thousands of times to hundreds of people! It’s like Martial Arts for Therapy!

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Over the years I discovered something quite remarkable: that it is possible to completely and consistently relieve pain and psychological suffering without the use of medication, equipment, or even suggestions or psychotherapeutic dialogue!

“This is truly revolutionary,” I thought, “How come so few actually know about this?”. So for years, as a true scientist, I studied and perfected the methods I was discovering, crafting my own methodology for the long-lasting relief of physical and emotional symptoms quickly and effectively which I have called Bioenergetic and Informational Therapy (or BIT for short). I have also written about my findings and how this works from an easy-to-understand, scientific and grounded perspective in my Book Pain Gone In Seconds – The Science of Energy Healing And The End Of Human Suffering.

After some 10 years of practice, and hundreds of consistent success cases, what I do, albeit not yet well known or understood by modern concepts, is well established and documented, especially in the results I get with all kinds of physical and emotional issues everyday. You can watch some demonstrations and read first-hand recounts from some patients of mine over the years, you can read how it all works in my Book Pain Gone In Seconds – The Science Of Energy Healing And The End Of Human Suffering, or you can read me writing about it in my blog or through my YouTube Video Channel for example.

The goals of my work are twofold: (1) to continue to alleviate the suffering of people who come to me for solutions to issues they haven’t solved through more conventional or current alternative methods, and (2) to spread this knowledge and educate people about the reality, science and functionality of these methods, so they can  become accepted methods for the treatment and well-being of human beings as they surely deserve. I have no doubt that this will be the future of human therapeutics and well-being, if we happen to evolve properly, even if it is only in 200-500 years from now! Human beings’ mentality has to catch up to a reality that already exists today and is performing incredibly every single day.

Do make yourself at home and explore my website, either by watching a selection of Demonstrations and Testimonials, some Videos on my YouTube channel, Articles on my Blog, or by reading about the Book Pain Gone in Seconds – The Science Of Energy Healing and The End Of Human Suffering. You can also contact me for further questions or if you have a comment. Welcome to the fascinating world of BITs!


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