<<I gained a new strength, courage, and will to live and, as Dr. Helder so often told me in consultation: “you do not have to do anything, not even believe. You just have to let the therapies do their job and see the improvements.” I would not have said it better.>>

Physical and Emotional Pain Relief Naturally.

<<Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.>> – Arthur C. Clarke

BIT (Bioenergetic and Informational Therapy) is a system that goes directly to the root causes of a problem. It not only solves physical and emotional symptoms in a deep and lasting way, but permanently changes people’s moods also, making them lighter and happier for life. Don’t believe it? Then read some of our testimonials or watch some videos here.

BIT uses noninvasive and sophisticated methods to interact directly with what causes symptoms in the first place – the accumulated internal stresses throughout life, leading to limiting physical and emotional dysfunctions.


How does it work?

All pain and uncomfortable symptoms we feel are the result of prolonged tensions in the body. This stress builds up throughout life, causing serious health problems in the medium and long term. Fortunately, with the BIT techniques, you can relieve that stress deeply, and the body relaxes and returns to its natural balance, and the symptoms soften and disappear automatically – it does not matter if these symptoms were difficulties sleeping, chronic pain, stomach aches, or conflicts with co-workers!

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